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The Australian Water Safety Council is deeply committed to drowning prevention in Australia and is a collective voice for Australia’s leading water safety organisations.

The Australian Water Safety Council (AWSC) was officially formed in February 1998 as a result of strong industry consultation and Federal Government support.

The Council acts as a consultative forum comprising the major water safety and related government agencies and focuses on the presentation of key water safety issues to governments, industry and the community.

The Australian Water Safety Council does not represent an additional layer of organisational bureaucracy and does not receive funding directly. The Council provides a collective voice for its member organisations.  It liaises closely with kindred bodies at State, National & International levels.

The AWSC is committed to improving Water Safety in Australia as demonstrated through the production and implementation of three National Water Safety Plans. These plans have generated bipartisan support for Water Safety in Australia and have seen the improvement of Water Safety throughout the country. The AWSC member bodies continue to demonstrate their commitment to Water Safety by directing resources of their respective organisations towards the development and implementation of the Australian Water Safety Strategy.

The Consultative Draft of the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2016-20 is now available.
Please click here to access the document.

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