Monday, March 01, 2021

NSW Water Safety Advisory Council

The WSAC is comprised of experts, both Government and non-Government in all fields of water safety; boating, fishing, swimming, surf, inland waterways, swimming pools, training, education, policy and legislation.

Their task is to advise the Government on all relevant water safety matters; and ensure a strategic approach to water safety in NSW assists in reducing the number of drowning each year.
In 2011 the WSAC was given additional duties.

Responsibility for water safety was transferred to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.
The WSAC is assisting the Minister to allocate the Water Safety Black Spots Fund over four years and develop the NSW Water Safety Strategy expected to be completed before the 'summer season' commences in 2012.

The Government tasks the WSAC to advise on the allocation of the Government's committment to provide $8 million over four years to a Water Safety Black Spots Fund; to address drowning or near drowning across NSW.
Membership is renewed and the first meeting of this version of the WSAC is held on 30 November 2011.
The former NSW Water Safety Taskforce was renamed the Water Safety Advisory Council to reflect the evolution in the function of the Council from a hands on approach to one of leadership and collective advice and direction from the member agencies of the Council.
The then Minister for Sport and Recreation established the NSW Water Safety Taskforce to build upon the achievements of the Premier's Water Safety Taskforce and Water Safety Council.


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