ADSF Research Grants and Diving Safety Promotion Grants

ADSF Research Grants and Diving Safety Promotion Grants

The Action

Research and safety promotion grants to prevent or reduce the impact of diving-related injury or death.

The ADSF Research Grant Scheme aims to facilitate research in factors that would prevent or reduce the impact of diving-related injury or death.

The Research Grant Scheme may provide up to $150,000 per year. This generally will be allocated as a variety of smaller grants, depending on the number and quality of applications. Applicants need to have research experience or appropriate oversight from an experienced researcher.

The ADSF Diving Safety Promotion Grant Scheme is designed to encourage appropriate diving safety educational and safety promotions within the recreational diving industry and is aimed at preventing diving-related accidents and reducing the impact of related illness and injuries. It is suitable for diving operators. Grants of up to $15,000 are available to support appropriate projects.

Date Implemented: 01-01-2019

The Goal

Encourage credible research and appropriate diving safety initiatives in diving medicine and diving accident prevention.

Priority Areas

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    Priority Area: Activities
    Focus: Diving & snorkelling

Why is this Project Important to the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030?

Reducing the drowning rate related to diving and snorkelling is a key target, alongside improved industry risk management.

Key Steps to Make It Happen

  1. 1. ADSF Research Grants

    Promotion to dive medical community and industry via advertisements in medical journals, diving media and direct email.

  2. 2. Safety Promotion Grants

    Promotion to recreational diving community via direct email with dive operators and clubs and promotion in diving media.

Achievements or Impacts To Date

Provided funding for research into decompression illness prevention and case analysis, diving fatalities, diving equipment function testing.

Provided funding for online education program on carbon monoxide poisoning, cave rescue equipment, surface supply breathing apparatus equipment analysis, funding for creation of online database of diving medical and safety papers, diving safety seminars, risk assessment analysis and safety equipment, diving accident management flowcharts, among others.

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