Diving Medical Training Scholarships

Diving Medical Training Scholarships

The Action

Diving Medical Training scholarships offered to qualified medical doctors to increase their knowledge of diving medicine.

The Australasian Diving Safety Foundation offers a series of annual Diving Medical Training scholarships to qualified medical doctors to increase their knowledge of diving medicine by participating in an approved diving medicine training program. These scholarships, up to the value of $5,000, are mainly available to doctors who reside in Australia.

Date Implemented: 01-01-2020

The Goal

Encourage doctors to gain education in diving medicine to increase awareness in the medical community and improve safety.

Priority Areas

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    Priority Area: Activities
    Focus: Diving & snorkelling

Why is this Project Important to the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030?

Reducing the drowning rate related to diving and snorkelling is a key target, alongside improved industry risk management.

Key Steps to Make It Happen

  1. 1. Promotion via email

    Promotion to recreational diving community via direct email communications with dive operators and clubs.

  2. 2. Promotion via media

    Promotion in diving media and via training agencies.

  3. 3. Promotion to doctors

    Promotion to doctors via the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society Website and Journal.

Achievements or Impacts To Date

Funding provided to many doctors from throughout Australia and demand increasing.

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