Make Safe decisions around water – multicultural communities water safety

Make Safe decisions around water – multicultural communities water safety

The Action

Keeping our Community Safe: Making Safe Decisions when Swimming, Fishing and Boating

There is a need to raise awareness and equip communities with the knowledge to keep themselves, their families and communities safe when going swimming, fishing or boating.

This water safety awareness campaign was created in consultation with multicultural communities and stakeholders and has been translated into several languages.

Key messages

a. When we are around the water we should stay close to our friends and family, all ages and experience levels, we should never leave anyone alone.
b. Everyone must wear a lifejacket when fishing, on boats and jet-skis, lifejackets save lives.
c. We should not use alcohol or drugs when around water. These can affect our thinking and reaction, making it dangerous and can lead to drowning.
d. Learning to swim and learning water safety skills can help keep ourselves and others safe by knowing what to do in an emergency.

Date Implemented: 29-03-2021
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The Goal

To increase knowledge and awareness among multicultural communities of how to stay safe when enjoying Australia’s waterways.

Priority Areas

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    Priority Area: Populations
    Focus: Multicultural communities

Why is this Project Important to the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030?

Reducing drowning among Multicultural communities is a priority area in the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030.

Key Steps to Make It Happen

  1. 1. Community consultation

    Community leaders are involved from the beginning to ensure the messages are appropriate and understood by the community

  2. 2. Developing the resources

    Researching the key communities and languages, ensure it has been translated properly and test it has the intended message

Achievements or Impacts To Date

March/April 2022, reached 1.4 million community members over social media

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