Smart Beaches Project

Smart Beaches Project

The Action

Use technology to improve the quality and quantity of data available to coastal safety land managers.

Beaches are an iconic part of Australian culture with thousands of people flocking to our shorelines year-round. Unfortunately, our beaches can also be dangerous. In the 12 months from 1 July to 30 June 2021, a total of 88 lives were lost on the NSW coastline. Currently, each Council is individually responsible for designing, implementing and managing its lifeguard services and reporting system. Furthermore, traditional data collection techniques such as crowd counting, activity reporting and condition assessments are time consuming and imprecise when performed manually by lifeguards.

The Smart Beaches project will deliver a standardised and automated reporting tool available to all lifeguard services. Cameras using image analytics will offer automated crowd counting at patrolled and un-patrolled beaches. GPS trackers will provide automated beach status and rescue notifications; and the Manly Hydraulic Lab Nearshore Wave Tool will improve localised beach condition assessments.

Date Implemented: 01-07-2022
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The Goal

Better collaboration, decision making and use of resources through accurate and readily available data.

Priority Areas

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    Priority Area: Places
    Focus: Beaches, oceans & rocks

Why is this Project Important to the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030?

Partnership with Local Gov. Improve understanding of unpatrolled locations. Support lifeguarding workforce through technology.

Key Steps to Make It Happen

  1. 1. Smart Cameras

    Understand how the public use our beaches, all day, year round.

  2. 2. GPS Equipment Tracking

    Automatic recording of rescue activity and beach sign status.

  3. 3. MHL Nearshore Wave Tool

    Nearshore wave estimates for 14,510 locations in NSW

  4. 4. Lifeguard Reporting Tool

    A standardised, automated reporting tool for lifeguards and managers, tailor made for the industry.

Achievements or Impacts To Date

Insights from the pilot project at Lake Macquarie City Council are now driving operational changes.

Collaborating Organisations

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