Youth retention at Victorian lifesaving clubs

Youth retention at Victorian lifesaving clubs

The Action

Our action targets the lack of retention of young members (15 to 18-year-olds) at Victorian lifesaving clubs.

The lack of retention of young members at Victorian lifesaving clubs contributes to the loss of crucial perspectives of a younger generation; and inhibits the possibility of lifetime memberships as a result of continuation. Some reasons include departure upon completion of Nippers, and programs led at state-level being outdated in how they relate to the target demographic.

This action aims to use the voices of the LSV Junior (LSVJ) advisory committee (14 to 18-year-olds) to better understand both the reasons for departure at these ages, and how we can incentivise retention through a new product offering. The LSVJ committee communicate directly with LSV’s membership and leadership development team to ensure a two-way dialogue. We would also like to introduce roles within clubs designed to mentor and champion youth to increase participation at a club-level.

The Goal

Improving youth retention at Victorian lifesaving clubs through the development of a desirable incentive or end product.

Priority Areas

  • 2
    Priority Area: People
    Focus: Young males (15-29 years)
  • 4
    Priority Area: Places
    Focus: Beaches, oceans & rocks

Why is this Project Important to the Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030?

Safety at coastal locations is a core aspect of drowning prevention, and lifeguards play a crucial role in this.

Key Steps to Make It Happen

  1. 1. Post-pandemic focus

    Shift focus back onto retention, which was paused as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. 2. LSVJ advisory committee

    Begin process of dialogue between LSVJ and LSV to determine most desirable ‘end product’. Next steps decided once complete.

Achievements or Impacts To Date

The development of a youth-led project to create and enhance engagement. 

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